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Earthen buildings, in their many forms around the world, can be thought of as clay-based concrete, as opposed to cement-based concrete. Many are, yes, mere mud huts, but many are magnificent architectural gems, and very effective as shelter. 

And they are cheap, so that's what the poorest of the poor throughout history have had to use - thus the strong association of earthen building with squalor. But some of the most effective and lovely new structures anywhere are made with earth, signals of a worldwide renaissance of earthen architecture.


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Unfired mud or clay brick

Folder Bags, Tubes, Tires

Bags, Tubes, Tires

Contained earthen construction

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Cast Earth

Stabilized and unstabilized earth sprayed or poured into formwork

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Hand packed and hand sculpted earth (no framework)

Folder Compressed Earth Block

Compressed Earth Block

Stabilized and unstabilized earth blocks with mechanical compression

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Miscellaneous Earth

There are so many ways to build with clay

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Also called "render"

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Rammed Earth

Mechanically compacted earth using formwork, both stabilized and unstabilized


The Use of Building Limes in Ecological Construction, Holmes, 2001 Popular

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Stafford Holmes, submitted to the 2001 First International Conference on Ecological Building Structure, Ecological Building Network