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There are so many ways to build with clay


Architecture en terre aux Etats-Unis : Hybridation des techniques précolombiennes et coloniales, Elsa Ricaud, 2014 Popular

By Elsa Ricaud. Research paper and documentation of earthern architecture in the United States. In French.

Bibliography - Earth Building, Laurence Heller, 2005 Popular

Bibliography to the book Earth Building by Laurence Heller, 2005.

Geosynthetic with in plane drainage as reinforcement in poorly draining soil Lopez Kang Zornberg 2005 Popular

Tagged in mechanically-stabilized earth walls

Inter American Conference on Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies in Ecological and Sustainable Construction, IAC-NOCMAT, 2005, Rio

Rafael Holdorf Lopez, Young Cheol Kang, Jorge Zornberg

DACOC -CEFET/PR Civil Enginteering Department, UT at Austin

Seismic Protection of Earthen Buildings Marcial Blondet Rafael Aguilar 2007 Popular

International Syposium on Earthen Structures, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, August 2007