Review of Earthen Building Codes and Standards from Around the World, Bruce King PE, 2006 Popular

  A large number of earthen building codes, norms, guidelines and standards have appeared around the world over the past few decades, along with a considerable amount of research and field observations regarding the seismic performance of earthen structures. This paper presents a review and summary comparison of extant codes and standards in terms of content (methods of earthen building covered, material properties, tests, and quality control, and engineering design and retrofit criteria), and style (clarity and method of presentation, presence or absence of commentary or clarifying notes and details). The paper will also review these documents in terms of consistency with current knowledge about seismic design and behavior of earthen structures, and emerging understanding of building science and moisture issues. Also considered will be the range of perspectives represented in terms of local seismicity, climate and rainfall, and affluence (affordability). Documents reviewed include 2005 ASTM earthen building standards, 1998 New Zealand Earthen Building Standards, 2004 New Mexico Earthen Building Materials Code, 2001 California Historical Building Code, 2003 International Building Code, 1993 Indian earthen building standards, 2000 Peruvian earthen building standards, 2002 Australian Earth Building Handbook, proceedings from the 2005 Sismoadobe Colloquium in Lima, and other pertinent documents.  

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