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Recycled / Manufactured / Urban

See the Products page for building products currently for sale, and meeting some standard of "green". Here we look at manmade items, like plastic bottles, concrete rubble, and shipping containers that can be effectively repurposed as components of new buildings, but aren't owned or promoted by commercial interests, and have no clear place in building codes.


Folder Concrete


Artificial rock - sand, gravel, and glue - shaped to please

Folder Lime


The ancient precurser to cement - and often the better choice

Folder Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

When the freight haulers don't want them anymore, they're still solid structure

Folder Used Building Materials

Used Building Materials

Easier and easier to find and sell


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Tagged in alkali, Ndazi, rice husk, steam curing

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Bwire Hdazi, Joseph Tesha, Christian Nyahumva, Sigbritt Karlsson

Department of Engineering Materials, University of Dar es Salaam

Studying the Effect of Using a Considerable Proportion of Rice Hull Ash as a Cement Replacement on Concrete Properties Popular

Tagged in concrete, rice husk

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