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Folder Fly Ash

Fly Ash

The dust collected from the smokestack of a coal-fired plant

Folder Metakoalin


Lightly roasted fine-grained clay used as cement

Folder Natural


Certain volcanic soils much used by the ancients

Folder Rice Hull Ash

Rice Hull Ash

Or "rice husk ash" - the ground remains of burnt rice hulls

Folder Silica Fume

Silica Fume

A by-product of silicon and ferrosilicon alloy production

Folder Slag


Or more fully, "Ground, granulated blast furnace slag", a by-product of steel production


High-Volume Fly Ash System: Concrete Solution for Sustainable Development, Bilodeau and Malhotra Popular

Tagged in concrete

Alain Bilodeau and V Mohan Malhotra, submitted to the 2001 First International Conference on Ecological Building Structure, Ecological Building Network

Studying the Effect of Using a Considerable Proportion of Rice Hull Ash as a Cement Replacement on Concrete Properties Popular

Tagged in concrete, rice husk

M. Anwar, T. Miyagawa, M. Gaweesh; The First International Conference on Ecological Building Structure, 2001, The Ecological Building Network