Folder Pozzolans



Folder Fly Ash

Fly Ash

The dust collected from the smokestack of a coal-fired plant

Folder Metakoalin


Lightly roasted fine-grained clay used as cement

Folder Natural


Certain volcanic soils much used by the ancients

Folder Rice Hull Ash

Rice Hull Ash

Or "rice husk ash" - the ground remains of burnt rice hulls

Folder Silica Fume

Silica Fume

A by-product of silicon and ferrosilicon alloy production

Folder Slag


Or more fully, "Ground, granulated blast furnace slag", a by-product of steel production


Effects of Steam Curing and Alkali Treatment on Properties of Rice Husks Ndazi et al, 2005 Popular

Tagged in alkali, Ndazi, rice husk, steam curing

From Inter American Conference on Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies in Ecological and Sustainable Construction. IAC-NOCMAT 2005, Rio

Bwire Hdazi, Joseph Tesha, Christian Nyahumva, Sigbritt Karlsson

Department of Engineering Materials, University of Dar es Salaam