About the BuildWell Source

EBNetsquarerevlogoThe BuildWell Source is a project of the Ecological Building Network, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has been developing, distribution and promoting green building technology since 1999.

EBNet was founded by practicing structural enginer Bruce King in San Francisco, California. King first became active in green building in the late 1970's, but encountered challenges in finding the information he needed to work with innovative and natural building materials. This led him to write his first book, "Buildings of Earth and Straw", in 1996, but by then it was clear that a central resource of information about buildng with healthy, low-carbon materials was much needed by a growing international community of professionals.

EBNet began the work of connecting the people who were researching and developing ecological building materials and systems - how those materials perform and how to design and build with them - with the people who are interested in putting that information to work in the real world - designers, builders, engineers, building officials, manufacturers, and home owners. The result has been a synergistic hub where information passes from those who develop it to those who can use it.

Building the Source

The BuildWell Source is a natural extension of this work. We hope you will benefit from the information contained here, and add your own to enrich the knowledge base for others.

Keeping it Going

If you have found value here, we ask that you take a moment to donate something towards our efforts to keep it going and growing.